As the original Xcelerate implementation partner and former Clarity Engineers, we are uniquely qualified to bring out the best of your Budgeting & Forecasting implementation.



OLAP Solutions specializes in the budgeting & forecasting of law & accounting firms.
Technology driven

Technology driven

Improvements & Problem Solving for Budgeting,
Forecasting & Financial Applications

Need help getting your Clarity system to do exactly what you need it to do? No problem.

Looking for a premier Xcelerate implementation team to deliver your project on time and budget? Look no further!

OLAP Solutions is ready to help you deliver accuracy, efficiency and performance with your budgeting & forecasting.

Specializing in the reporting and analysis of complex budgeting data & financial forecasts.

Corporate financial planning requires accurate budgeting and forecasting. Whether you’re looking for daily or multi-year projections, you need a centralized solution that can handle it all.

Your firm needs to be able to learn from past reports and look ahead to make reliable, fiscal decisions. Collaboration provides an unbiased assurance you’re headed in the right direction with accurate analysis and best practices of your valuable data.

This allows you to make faster, more informed decisions about your departments directives, and the future of your firm.

To take the next step in having the confidence your firm is heading in the right direction for faster, more accurate budgeting & forecasting automation, contact one of our 3E Elite, Xcelerate or Clarity consultants a call today at: budgetexperts @

Client Satisfaction is our #1 Priority

Each client receives the same dedicated attention to details, complete planning, speed and ease of implementation and use. We always put every client’s performance and functionality goals at the forefront of all OLAP Solutions efforts.

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